My first post!

My first post!

Hello and welcome to my first post on my first ever blog!

So I am sure you are all (all one of you, since this I guess only my girlfriend is going to be reading this!) wondering what this blog is all about and, more importantly, why I called it “The White Fence”? Hmmmm … intriguing, no?!

Well actually, the name is derived from a story I heard at a leadership course at my previous employer. As it happens, I used to work for a global healthcare company and they purchased health and well-being Institute. This was essentially a program and facility that was used to bring mind, spirit and body together to help people become the very best that they could be and manage the stresses and strains of modern life. Yes, yes … it sounds corny, I know! They have a physical facility in Orlando, Florida.

Anyway, I was in a session that spoke about some of the motivational stories arising from the many delegates who have been through that course and one story stuck in my mind. The trainer in my course explained that there were a group of athletes who were asked to run a few miles through the surrounding forest until they came to “the white fence”. Their mission was to touch the white fence, signalling that they had accomplished the mission, and then run back to the start. They were given a time limit to do this. Groups were told of obstacles they would probably encounter en route and these ranged from poisonous trees to … errr … ill-tempered bears that roamed those particular woods. They were then evaluated on how they operated, both as individuals and as a team, as they attempted to make it to the white fence. Of course, hidden instructors simulated an irate bear, amongst other obstacles, to see how many would still persevere. Some of the stories were hilarious, but unsurprisingly, it was one of the SWAT teams that handled the perceived threat the best … for those that are interested, they formed a semi-circle and approached the “threat” (also known as a bush being shaken with what was presumably the heavy breathing of a bear getting ready to attack) and in so doing managed to use numbers, skills and training to engage the threat head on. Her point though was that many people who went on that course never actually “touched the white fence”, being scared off by some real or perceived threat or obstacle.

So this got me thinking … how many of us actually do touch the white fence? How many of us knows what the white fence means to them? How many of us are actually threats or obstacles to someone else touching their white fence? This blog is intended to explore some of the trials and tribulations of life, to provide some degree of commentary or opinion to real world situations, to question and challenge my own assumptions and beliefs … to boldly go where no-one else (apart from a few million people) have gone before. I invite you to join me on finding (and touching) your own white fence … until next time … ciao!




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